My First Look Into Tomb Raider

I give you my impression of the first few minutes of game play.
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I’ve been excited about this game since I pre-ordered it about a week ago. Today, I finally got my first glimpse into what was in store for me, starting with Lara being washed ashore on a strange island.

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I won’t spoil the game for you (at least not the first 10-15 minutes), so I’ll just give you my impression of the mechanics.

The game is beautiful

Lara’s model, to me, is highly impressive and makes me want to play simply because I get to look at her and at the environment. The movement is fluid, even when Lara is injured and she’s stumbling around.

The graphics and sound are amazing

You’re enveloped in this atmosphere and it’s all very realistic for a video game. One chief complaint that I’ve heard is that many don’t like just how cinematic the game is–but honestly, I love it. It’s a fresh take on an adventure game that gets you moving and ensures that you don’t get bored with just wandering around. The game gives you situational context so that you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing (without holding your hand) and why, which is something that I can appreciate.

The Controls

I’m playing on a mouse and keyboard, which is fairly smooth, though sometimes it’s difficult to anticipate where your fingers need to be in order to save Lara (I’ve died twice because of unexpected positioning), so I would definitely recommend playing on a controller. And you’re in luck–the one I just ordered is on sale. This controller is for XBox 360 and Windows.

The first few minutes of this game have me eagerly awaiting the rest, and a full review will follow once I’ve completed the game.

My First Look Into Tomb Raider
I give you my impression of the first few minutes of game play.

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