Payday: The Heist Review – Burnin’, Lootin’, Robbin’ & Shootin’

A review on Payday: The Heist. Rob banks, drug dealers, and even Hospitals in this co-operative FPS.

A review on Payday: The Heist. Rob banks, drug dealers, and even Hospitals in this co-operative FPS.
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A few months ago, I was told to get a game called Payday: The Heist. The concept was something I’ve heard of, but never seen put into a game (at least not well). I played a few rounds with my buddy, and we had a blast, but it wasn’t until recently that I managed to get a few other people to get the game itself, allowing me to play with a full party.

The Dirt

Payday is a four player co-operative game where you take the role of four bank robbers, and engage in numerous heists. These can be anything from a bank robbery, a prisoner rescue, and a classic diamond heist. My personal favorite is No Mercy. Stealing the blood of Left 4 Dead’s patient zero.

The game play itself is pretty simple. Players must accomplish objectives while defending themselves against larger and larger waves of police officers. At first you’ll be pushing back regular police, and SWAT. But as time goes on Special Units will come into the fray. From sneaky cloakers – able to incapacitate you in a single strike, to riot shield wielding cops and the dreaded Bulldozer; a heavily armed and armored officer who’s vulnerable only in his faceplate.

Gearing up for the heist

Payday offers the player a lot of options though, giving you three upgrade paths to choose from (four with the DLC). Assault, using big guns and pushing back waves of enemies. The Sharpshooter, there to take out threats at a distance with power and precision. The support, dropping a medical bag for teammates and offering solid point defense for his fellow robbers. And the Technician, the gadget master, armed with the sentry gun, and a powerful grenade launcher.


Payday: The Heist is easily one of my favorite games of last year, and offers a little something for everyone. Full of tense moments, laughs, and even some scares and panicky moments, Payday delivers the dream of being a bank robber, and getting rich quick.

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