Pirate 101 – The Amazon Goes Back to School

Trying my salty old hands at a kid's game.

Trying my salty old hands at a kid's game.

You know me, I love being a pirate. I have been in several games over the past few years. And I admit as childish as it looked, the ads for Pirate 101 did pause in me old salt’s brain for more than a few passing moments.

So, I took upon meself to swallow some cutthroat pride and take a peek.

First of all, it is pretty much a kid’s game. No doubt about it. But, then again, so is Pirates of the Caribbean Online if one were truly honest.

Browsing For Pirates

Starting the game is very easy. Simply go to Pirate 101′s site. The character creation and account creation portion are all browser driven, which means kids can quickly whip up a character and get started.

As you can see by the bonny lass above, you have three lists of names to choose from to create your unique character. Unlike more detailed games, you are limited to what their options are. But, obviously this prevents some unsavory nom de plumes.

Next is your career choice –

Like more classic RPGs, you have a choice of a character class. This dictates your primary skills, companion and your abilities.

Musketeer use rifles, Privateers are more about ships, Buccaneers are brawlers, Swashbucklers are about speed and skill and the Witchdoctors use voodoo.

You know this Amazon, a Buccaneer I became.

Pirate Chess… or is it Checkers

Like all other RPGs, once your character has been established, you then set about learning the tutorial and getting your first quests.

The troubling thing for an old deck hand like me was getting used to the combat system, which is NOT open. It’s turn-based and plays out more like a board-game.

Hard to explain, but the idea is that you position yourself and your crewmates (NPC Companions) and then decide your actions. The game acts those out, then the animated enemy response. It takes some getting used to.

But I admit I can see the wisdom in it for kids who are not hardcore hack and slash types. And you have to use your noodle a bit when outnumbered.

Not Quite Me Cup A Tea… err Rum

Now, I can say that while I didn’t have anything bad to say about Pirate 101 or likely its cousin Wizard 101, I can say that this might make a good starting RPG for yer younger crewmates. But, not much more for anyone over the age of 10, though I’ve heard adults do play.

Otherwise, the images of steampunk pirate ships flying in the sky in battle and fighting anthropomorphic animals were pretty to look at but awkward to work with if you’ve been around the sea a few times.

Still, I can’t be too harsh. For the little ones, give it a try. After all tis free, can’t get better than that.

Trying my salty old hands at a kid's game.

Pirate 101 – The Amazon Goes Back to School

Trying my salty old hands at a kid's game.

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