Prepare Your Emotions for the Return of Clementine in All That Remains

My review of The Walking Dead Season 2: All That Remains

My review of The Walking Dead Season 2: All That Remains

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series is back. Clementine has seen some things and some stuff, and it shows. I wouldn’t dare spoil anything, but Clementine has grown a bit since last season. She is not the same little girl anymore.

All That Remains starts off with a bang and keeps up the traditions of the series. Expect hard decisions and shocking turns. The difference this time is Clementine as the main character. She is not helpless though, and fans of last season will see how much she’s changed.

One of the things that makes her so different, is the fact that you choose her reactions. You can be the complacent, quiet little girl, or you can give Clementine some spunk. I can say that after seeing her last season, it is both odd and refreshing to see her as a more rounded character.

This is more of an introduction to the season and there are plenty of opportunities to go over what happened last season. This allows new players to jump into the game this season if they choose, but it is highly recommended that they play last season first.

Another thing I noticed is the controls. There are different colors used now for each type of action. There are a couple new quick time actions to be performed as well. Overall, it feels smoother and cleaner than before.

Oh, the choices! Don’t worry, there are still plenty of hard choices to make. There aren’t too many in this episode, but it is clear that things will get much more difficult as time goes by.

I can honestly say that I’m more excited about this season than the last one. Clementine has gone through a lot and I’m interested to see where the story takes her. There is a little more recapping than I’d like, but I understand why it was done. I know the next episodes will be even better and really get into the troubles of this season. The preview already shows that I’m in for quite the journey this season.

Basically, you should be playing this now if you haven’t already. Fans of the series, and new players alike, will not be disappointed.

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