Recharge Your Cute With ANDRU [Andriod Charger Review]

ANDRU wants to charge your USB devices and make you smile while doing it.
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By now pretty much everyone has a dozen or so devices sitting around with at least the option to recharge via USB.  Phones, tablets, MP3 players, even wireless headsets and flashlights. As convenient as it is, sometimes there just aren’t enough USB ports for them all or, true horror, you aren’t near enough to a computer to be able to charge them.  This is where USB wall-chargers make their appearance, and ANDRU is as cute as they get.

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This little guy comes with a stand to keep him upright on your desk when you are not using him and, less functionally but noteworthy for his continuing cuteness, stubby poseable arms.  Aside from giving you an adorable conversation piece and making ANDRU even easier to personify, this also makes it a bit harder to lose since he won’t just be thrown into a drawer somewhere when you don’t need him.

As a USB charger, ANDRU does a good job.  Plug your device into his head and plug him into a wall socket and your device will charge.  There is not really too much else to comment on regarding the basic process.  He comes with his own cord in case you lose your own phone charger, so he serves as a bit of extra assurance, too.

ANDRU does light up his eyes while charging, and those eyes change color once the device in question is fully charged so you can tell at a glance if you can listen to tunes again, and he does stop charging at that point to save energy, but the rate at which he charges seems about comparable to most chargers on the market I have had the chance to try out.

Specifically as a phone charger, ANDRU is fairly standard.  Being able to tell just by looking whether something is charged is nice, but he does not otherwise stand out for that specific purpose too much from more boring chargers.

The fact that ANDRU is so cute adds a certain amount of enjoyment to an otherwise very dull process.  At 24.99, the price makes him a purchase I’d recommend for anyone who can find simple joy in personification.

Just make sure you remember not to call ANDRU ‘it’.  Doing so hurts his feelings.

Recharge Your Cute With ANDRU [Andriod Charger Review]
ANDRU wants to charge your USB devices and make you smile while doing it.

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