Here is a review about the show, Video Game High School.

Review of Video Game High School

Here is a review about the show, Video Game High School.

Selecting a show on Netflix can be overwhelming. Sometimes it takes longer to pick a show than it takes to watch it. But after thirty minutes of debating, my friends and I selected Video Game High School.

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The show follows Brian as he tries to navigate his way through high school. Brian doesn’t go to a normal school, though. He goes to VHS, which specializes in a curriculum of video games. No, the show isn’t based off a true story (I wish). It takes place in a futuristic world where gaming is the top sport. It’s the new Olympics and VHS only trains the best.

Brian has just been accepted into VHS after beating LAW, the top gamer in the school, online. Beating the top gamer put a target on his back at his new school, making it hard to make friends. On top of that, everyone wants to battle against him. But Brian has a secret. He beat LAW completely on accident. Can he somehow make some friends and get to the top of his class? Or will he be KOed?

Video Game High School beat my expectations going in.

I was expecting a small indie television show. Instead, I got a show with great acting, special effects, and writing. The producers made the small budget work in their favor. The writing is hilarious. At one point a news story about the President gone missing is interrupted for a segment about Brian beating LAW.

The world building is great too. It takes place in the not so distant future, which is easy to understand. By the end of the show, I wish that I had gone to VHS. As I mentioned earlier, the acting is great too. The actors have to play dual roles. They get to play their characters in everyday life and when they are physically in the game. They not only get to play high school students, but soldiers in a Call of Duty-esque game as well.

The episodes start off fairly short, so you’re not making a huge time commitment by diving into watching it. The first one is only ten minutes, which I’m a huge fan of. This allows fans to binge watch show really quickly.

I highly recommend people watch VHS. By the end of the first episode, you’ll be dying to go to the second.

Review of Video Game High School
Here is a review about the show, Video Game High School.

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