Review: The Land Before Time – Return to the Great Valley

Hope to never come across another game like this ever again.

As a child my brother and I use to rent games like most other people to try out something new and see what we really wanna buy for keeps, or avoid buying what we find out isn’t so hot. This one is probably one of the worst games we’ve ever played in our entire life. So the first PlayStation our mom and dad bought us was practically brand new.

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Once we popped this game in it was a complete nightmare. Excluding the lag, you didn’t have anything to fight against much. I’m sure this game would have made any 5-year-old cry and never wanna touch another game like this ever again. I can even put up with playing boring card games than to wanna play something like this. I can understand this is suppose to be a children’s game, but even the old Sega Genesis’ Joe & Mac make of Land Before Time game looks pathetic–and Joe & Mac’s also a children’s game.

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