This is the best budget gaming mouse you can get on the market.

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse Review – Five Strong Points and One Weakness

This is the best budget gaming mouse you can get on the market.
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The Roccat Lua is amazing small piece of kit — actually much better than the other legendary gaming mice. Don’t get me wrong, the likes of Razer, Corsair, or Logitech will be extremely good and professional, but expensive. This is something usual on the market, you pay for the idea of being part of something legendary, be like all those gaming masters from Twitch channels.

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Thing is, you can enjoy gaming and have decent stuff to play with without really going over the top with expenses. The Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse definitely is one to consider. Good brand, amazing quality, and a great professional approach to gaming for… $19.99.

Design — Strength No 1

This is Roccat guys, not too much you can say against this brand. Years of experimenting with shape and aesthetic design pays off every time they are presenting new product. This is no different with the Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse — it’s slick, and has matt black design, and with very good no-sweat side grips. There is something in the texture on Roccat’s mouse to keep your hand in position, without sliding around. It is so annoying where the grip on your mouse suddenly vanishes during turning point of a game, but with the Lua you will be spared such a dreadful experience for good.

As an additional perk, it can be operated ambidextrously — by left and right handed players. I am personally not left handed but my friend, who is left handed, played some game sessions with the Lua and confirmed that it feels like something designed only for a left handed player.

The mouse also allows you to set the DPI in 7 steps, from 250 DPI to 2000 DPI. Overall, the Lua oozes quality. DPI can be switched dynamically during the game play by pushing small button located behind scrolling wheel.

I also love cold blue logo on the back of the mouse. It gives Lua the edge of gamers quality.

Grip — Strength No. 2

The Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse is rather small comparing to few other products on the market. It could suggest problems with gripping for gamers with larger hands. As mentioned above and confirmed during good few hours of testing, the Lua did not cause any problem for me. It sits firmly in hand during game play — for usual gaming I use the larger Roccat Kone XTD. If we are talking about personal preference, I would prefer something slightly bigger, but overall it feels good and firm in the hand.

Software — Strength No. 3

The Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse is an entry level mouse, which suggests it doesn’t have more than just a basic driver. But actually thanks to good quality of Roccat products, the Lua has the Roccat Driver Configuration Software. This gives you the ability to configure all the necessary options. This includes DPI settings, USB response time/polling rate, scroll speed and double click speed.

In the advanced control panel you can also set up brightness and a pulsing effect on the Roccat logo, as well as assign different macros to the buttons which can be quite handy during game sessions.


Pro Effect — Strength No. 4

So why are gamers into big brands? It’s simply about proven quality, but also about how pro they make you look. You can show off, which is a completely normal part of human nature. Gaming hardware mostly looks and feels pro. With your first look at the Lua, unpacking it, how it initially feels in hand, and then playing games with this mouse I can tell you it gives you Pro Gaming level sensations and result — it feels, and acts pro.

The quality of buttons is amazing, with a nice feeling press, and with the mouse pad I am using — the Roccat Sense Warpad, a traditionally designed cloth pad — the Lua slides around on it very smoothly.

I must admit the mouse does feel a little light. It would have been much better to have a heavier one, maybe adding adjustable weights? But this isn’t something that most gamers will have too much an issue with.

So simple conclusion is that Roccat Lua is a very good mouse.

Price — Strength No 5

If you see the Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse on a shelf in any store you would expect it would easily pass $50, although you would be wrong. The Lua only costs $19.99 on Amazon.

If you don’t want to spend too much money and still have Pro Gaming quality, consider the Roccat Lua Mouse.

The Weakness

The Lua is not the best gaming mouse on the market, which sounds obvious. Although not all of us gamers are participating in eSport events, and most of the time little flaws and differences from the pro kit are not going to affect our pleasure and in-game performance.

All in all, if you look up the best gaming mouse of 2017, you will receive the answer — Razer DeathAdder Elite for $69.99. This is a $50 difference in cash between the DeathAdder and the Lua. But, the difference in quality and performance between the two is more $20 after using both of them.

For the price, you simply cannot get a better mouse than the Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse.

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse Review – Five Strong Points and One Weakness
This is the best budget gaming mouse you can get on the market.

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