Sceal: The Mini Irish Folklore Review

A quick overview of Sceal which is a mini Irish Folkore PC game with Chapter 2 gameplay.

Sceal, which is developed by Joint Custody and recently released on Steam, is a magnificent mini Irish folklore adventure game. Players take on the role of this young girl spirit who is trying to recover her memories before the day ends.

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Joint Custody designed this game with three things in mind; a story, a unique soundtrack, and custom painted worlds. Well I can tell you one thing; for just $4.99 on Steam, you get all that and more!

When you first enter this game, you are hit with a beautifully designed watercolor backdrop of hand painted buildings. They pop up everywhere you move your character by pressing and dragging the mouse. When you move the spirit to the left, you will find that the backdrop is constantly moving around. One of the best things about Sceal is at some points you will encounter a building that has a “paintbrush” symbol on it. At this point in time you must click on the building and paint it so that the story line can continue on.

The second thing you will more than likely notice when you enter the game is the soundtrack. Sceal’s soundtrack was composed from real life classical Irish artists like Lorcan Macmathuna and Aislinn Duffy! As you progress through the story as a light spirit you will notice that the music is very soft and pleasant and when you become a banshee, the music tends to get a little more horrifying. You will find a really good example of this by watching the attached gameplay video of Chapter 2 that I uploaded for your curious eyes and ears.

And finally, you have the story. Sceal forces you to go on a journey with this spirit to uncover her lost memories. Every day you learn something new to what actually happened to this sweet girl. But do not be fooled by the length of this game. Yes it only has three chapters to it, but if you happen to take too long to uncover the overall mystery for the day, you must replay the day all over again.

I highly encourage everyone who is interested in straight to the point adventure games to give Sceal a try. So will you take the plunge to uncover the mystery of the spirit?

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Sceal: The Mini Irish Folklore Review
A quick overview of Sceal which is a mini Irish Folkore PC game with Chapter 2 gameplay.

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