TERA: Rising Weekend-Long Pants Quest

How does this armor actually protect you from anything?

My boyfriend, roommate and I all rolled on TERA’s free to play platform this weekend, determined to get through the Korean grind and enjoy an MMO. After our long, hard battle through WoW, we were apprehensive to start another time sink, but it’s proven to be strangely addictive. Even if I made the mistake of rolling a female castanic slayer.

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In our recently featured TERA Date Night article, it was touched upon how scantily clad all females in the game tend to be. Even in the top tier armor, it’s a wonder that you’re protected from a brisk wind, much less a giant boss trying to slice you in half.

Aside From My Outfit…

I will say that the quests themselves are somewhat interesting, even if they are your typical grind-fest. Though we were tempted to stick simply to the storyline quests, we quickly found that without the supplemental quests we were too under leveled for the instances. But we quickly discovered that if you do every quest in any given zone, the mobs grey out (meaning they’re low level compared to you). It’s a strange mixture of way too easy and almost too difficult.

For example, your first dungeon instance is available to you at level 20. The mobs are simple, it’s a fairly short dungeon and some pretty decent loot drops. We did this dungeon with a couple of people who ranged from 22- 25 and never really had any issues. However, the second instance at level 26 is almost impossible without a really decent party (we had two 27s, a healer and a tank and still wiped twice, without ever completing it). It was a weird jump between levels of difficulty, even with the rookie buff.

What I found myself doing more than anything else is searching for a respectable pair of pants. Seriously. Though I can understand what market they’re catering to, En Masse has sexualized females in this game to such an extent that I feel silly playing it. This armor protects me from absolutely nothing, and I run around in six inch heels without ever appearing to break a sweat. Or an ankle. If only I were that badass in real life…


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