The Best Mario Kart Game!

This fun and creative Mario Kart game is fun for you and your friends!

I have played Mario Kart for the Wii and I own Mario Kart 7, but Mario Kart 7 is definitely better! It may have to do with the fact that it is easier for me to drive on the 3DS, but it mostly has to do with the fact that I love that I can customize my kart! 

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Whats awesome about Mario Kart 7

Customizing your own kart is great! You can choose the wheels, car type, and the glider you want. You can choose to play as one of the many Mario characters or as one of your very own Mii’s.

All new courses are in Mario Kart 7! Courses that let you race under water using a propeller and use gliders to fly. As you fly through certain courses you need to avoid hot air balloons and collect coins. Driving under water you can risk getting caught by a giant clam just to get the coin in its mouth. Nintendo really makes this game more interesting with all the new things you can do.

They have added new items as well. You can now have a fire flower that allows you to throw fire balls, a super leaf that gives your kart a tail that can deflect items and an item called lucky seven that gives you seven items which can all be used!

The new courses I find amazing are Rosalina’s Ice World and Daisy Hills because they are just beautiful. Then there are the older race tracks like Rainbow Road from the N64. If you’re not just satisfied with racing then you can battle in games like Balloon Battle, where you must pop all the balloons of your competitors and make sure your balloons are not popped, and Coin Runner where you must collect the most coins.

You can win first place trophies, new parts for your kart and unlock new characters. You can even play with friends via spotpass or streetpass. Having this game is a must!

The Best Mario Kart Game!
This fun and creative Mario Kart game is fun for you and your friends!

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