The Division is a good game for people who enjoy shooter games and MMOs

The Division MMO?

The Division is a good game for people who enjoy shooter games and MMOs

The Division isn’t your ordinary M.M.O. The game plays more like a Call of Duty game but in third person, which makes for great game-play and enjoyable fire fights.

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Unlike most M.M.O.s The Division doesn’t play like any M.M.O. I’ve played before. The game is set up like any other Tom Clancy game, meaning it’s more about skill than weaponry. The Division has many high-level areas to play in, and the game recommends a minimum level to survive. However, with a lot of caution and some good marksmanship even a lowly level five can make it in the high level areas.

The same can be said about defeating high-level enemies. If a low-level player finds themselves face to face with a  bad guy with a yellow health bar, it’s no reason to panic. A low level player only has to keep a fair distance and move around with a plan. I would suggest always having a marksman rifle so that a player can pick off a big guy without being within their range.

The game is most enjoyed while playing with others due to the in game mechanics. The Division is meant to be played with a team, and the game will scale all enemies to a decent amount for 1-4 players. The game also increases and decreases the enemy levels so that all of the players in a party (or those without one) can have a great time. This becomes incredibly apparent in the Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone is an area in the game that is maximized for PvP, and features challenging enemies no matter what level you are. The Dark Zone has something for everyone and includes being able to kill other players at your discretion. If a player attacks any other player, the attacking player (and consequently their team) become Rouge agents. When a player becomes Rouge, they are on the run from other players who will hunt them for the extra points and loot. This in-game feature makes the Dark Zone play much like the online game-play in GTA5 in which players go around thoughtlessly killing other players. For most gamers, this Rouge function will bring hours of fun, but if you don’t like getting killed at random times and losing your points and gear then you may want to avoid the Dark Zone.

This game is tons of fun whether or not you are part of a team. The Division has something for everyone from great weapons to rich, story driven missions. If you are looking for a game to play that has tons of action and adventure, then The Division is the game for you. 

If you have any recommendations for games  to review or just want to game with me, comment below!

The Division MMO?
The Division is a good game for people who enjoy shooter games and MMOs

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