The Mighty Hero Of Squirrels–Treehouse Hero Review

The treehouse is your home. Can you defeat the aliens before they defeat you?

Aliens have crash landed in the forest to destroy your treehouse, and only one squirrel can stop them. Take the roll of the hero of squirrels, defender of the treehouse, to take down the evil alien and his minions.

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Treehouse Hero is an action/shooter/vertical flight defender game made by MaxGames. You play as the mighty hero of the squirrels to fend off the aliens that seek to destroy the character’s treehouse. In this indie free-to-play game, you must pounce on the enemy from on top of the treehouse while using the hero’s wide array of powers.

By using your mouse, you must point the arrow in the direction you want the character to jump. There will be an outline on which the character will go once you bounce off the enemies. From vertical to horizontal, the character will bounce off of as many enemies as you can get at time.

This type of game mechanic allows you to build up a combo–along with a high score. The bigger the combo, the more points you get. As you’re playing, you’ll see little bubbles that randomly float across the screen. By acquiring one of them, if you can, you’ll gain either an ability or a double score bonus for a short period of time.

These powers are lightning, bombs, freezing, acorn drops and slowdown. You can’t stack these powers together, only the double score bonus. These powers are also upgradable–giving you a bigger advantage over your enemies.

Lightning allows you to take out any enemy on the screen with one hit, bombs can take out groups, acorn drops like rain dealing one point of damage each, freezing stops them in place and slowdown reduces their speed.

There fourteen levels plus a boss battle a the end.

As you progress, the levels get more challenging. From the increasing quantity of enemies to the ones that require two or three hits to take out, the levels become more difficult.

You’ll notice that there are three green hearts above you, each heart represents a damage point on which the treehouse can take. If an enemy gets to high, your treehouse will take damage–losing one heart. Once all three hearts are gone, it’s game over and you must start the level from the beginning again.

There are two game modes: story and survival. In story, you must complete fourteen levels including the boss in the end. In survival, you must hold off the aliens as long as you can to build the highest score.

The art and animation of this game is beautiful and adorable. I highly recommend this game for any who loves getting addicted to these types of free-to-plays. You can find Treehouse Hero along with many other free-to-play games on or

The Mighty Hero Of Squirrels–Treehouse Hero Review
The treehouse is your home. Can you defeat the aliens before they defeat you?

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