The Music Game App God: Cytus

The best music app game on the market!
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Out of all my years of playing video games, I’ve never played a music game as fun as this one. It mixes outstanding music and heart-pounding gameplay together to make this to-die-for game. I’ve never thought in my years of playing music games I would have as much fun as I did with this game.

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Cytus is a music video game developed by Rayark Games, an independent game developing corporation in Taiwan. It was first released on the iOS platform on January 12, 2012. The game was later released on Android on December 4, 2012. The game currently features 62 songs, 20 of which are available as IAP, and 5 of which are hidden songs. The game features a “Million Downloads Plan” announcing that when for every 100,000 downloads (across both iOS and Android) 10 more songs will be added to the game.


Cytus is a score-based music video game that involves the player tapping on notes as a black bar alternates from top to bottom in tune with the song. The more accurate the player hits these notes, the higher the resulting score will be. As the level of the songs get harder, the game boosts in fun.

How is this game unique?

When playing a modern music game you don’t have as much diversity as you have in this game. Cytus uses more than just pressing the notes; in other occurrences you are needed to hold the notes and draw the notes. It places these strategically so you don’t feel like you’re doing work, instead, you’re playing a video game.


Immediately after turning on the game you are greeted with fitting music. The only way to describe the type of music this displays is that it is extremely unique and an amazing experience. The music is Japanese based too.


This game is amazing, I loved every minute of it, and it even updates: if it gets one million downloads then they will unlock 100 songs. This game is already hours of fun with just repeating a song to get a better score. This game is amazing and I’d recommend it to everyone. 

The Music Game App God: Cytus
The best music app game on the market!

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