The Simpsons Tapped Out

"You think it's foreplay when you brush your teeth"

Since The Simpsons: Tapped Out was released on android I have found myself sadly addicted.

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The popular mobile game involves Homer Simpson blowing up Springfield due to playing an “mypad” game and not paying attention. Essentially like many other free to play games out there is involves the gamer rebuilding civilisation. Through the game you are introduced to a cornucopia of Simpsons characters, all with their own unique quests and storylines. The game also includes holiday themes throughout the year, from Halloween’s Tree House of Horror themed characters and outfits, to Simpsons  themed adventures such as Whacking Day.

I whacked thousands of snakes in order to get Drederick Tatum, but having started playing a few days into the Whacking Day event I was not able to get the Sleazy Motel and Miss Springfield. I’ve been on in the past 12 times a day, setting my 30+ characters on one hour quests, rinse repeat etc, and I have jumped for my phone when it has loudly announced “Better them than me!”

The game is now extended to level 31, but considering I’d capped level 30 a grand total of three times it’s just a relief to finally have some new content, namely B list Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe Rainier Wolfcastle and his mansion, with what looks to be some pretty funny quests. For those who are reasonably new to playing, or are maybe still saving for the Squidport or Herman’s Military Antiques, don’t worry, Wolfcastle isn’t a time limited option.

Since it was released on Android in February I have spent many an hour arranging my town to be just so, the designer in me needing things to be just right, symmetrical and pretty, but I’ve had my ups and downs with the game recently. While Whacking Day was interesting and certainly made me want to keep tapping away it was also tedious and annoying. July 4th was brilliantly written, reminiscent of old school Simpsons episodes, that ironic humour we know and love, but ultimately very boring.

Hopefully we won’t have quite as much of a wait for level 32, with spoilers detailing the release of Kamp Krusty, Calmwood Mental Hospital as well as Rod and Todd Flanders all rumored, it should be a good one. Just no more snakes to whack, please!

The Simpsons Tapped Out
"You think it's foreplay when you brush your teeth"

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