Too Much To Do: Aion 4.0

Learn more about the new Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal update.

Aion has released their newest update Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal, featuring increased levels, new zones, a plethora of new dungeons, and two new classes.

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The new zone, Katalam, is an all-out war zone where Asmodians and Elyos’ will level from 60-65. For veterans that have been playing Aion since its release, this is brought about a bit of nostalgia for some of the community as it reminds veterans of leveling up in Morheim where OWPvP was rampant while leveling.

What most Aion players have been buzzing about are the two new classes that have been hinted at for quite some time; the Songweaver and Gunslinger. The Songweaver is a harp wiedling, CC heavy, support caster with the potential to put out quite a bit of damage. 

While, despite what most of the Aion community expected, the Gunslinger is a pistol (or cannon) toting caster that relies on magic boost and magical accuracy to deal damage.

There’s so much to do that it’s almost too much! Between leveling one’s main to 65,  trying out the new classes with any intention of getting them to max level, all the PvP,  and experiencing the new dungeons; there is little time for much else. Thank the Empyrean/Shedim Lords for the Fast-Track Server.

Currently, the Asmodian Initiative event is being held on select servers. So, if you’ve ever wanted to roll an Asmo and hunt down some Ely, now would be the time to do it. For more information about this and the Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal update Click Here.

Too Much To Do: Aion 4.0
Learn more about the new Aion 4.0: Dark Betrayal update.

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