Urp! Arrives on Mobile With Addictive Puzzle Platforming

Urp to the right. Urp to the left. Take it back now ya'll, one hop this time.
There are many Urps like it, but this one is mine…
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My Urp is currently wearing a fedora, a bandit mask, dress shoes, and a red cape that would make Superman jealous. Even though my Urp is dressed to the nines and I’ve been playing Urp! for the past week, I still have no idea what an “Urp” actually is.

Is it an alien? A dinosaur? It’s vaguely dog-like… Well, I guess it’s an alien-dinosaur-dog hybrid thing that is (for some reason) tasked with saving the galaxy, one unstable planet at a time. Get your puzzle platform shoes on, straight from Crazy Tooth Studios, this is Urp!.

What the Urp?

The narrative in Urp! is pared down to a simplistic story told through panning comic panels reminiscent of Angry Birds. Each planet Urp lands on is unstable and requires different colored balls to be pushed into the appropriate color coded slots in order to complete each level.

This is often easier said than done as the balls balance precariously on obscure platforms, and require some thought and coordination to get them in their holes before time is up. This is especially the case as later levels introduce new game-changing mechanics.

Circular stage in Urp!.

Urp! takes place on 360 degree circular worlds, which is a refreshing interpretation of typical side-scrolling platformers. 

Urp! takes place on 360 degree circular worlds, which is a refreshing interpretation of typical side-scrolling platformers. You could call this a side-revolving platformer. As you run around each new planet you will push and ‘pop’ the balls into place while interacting with the typical platforming fare:

  • moving platforms
  • jump pads
  • large gaps
  • and a ticking clock

There are no enemies to worry about; the level ends when you complete the puzzle or when time is up. Gameplay is satisfying and each new zone offers new mechanics that keep progress flowing at an addictive rate.

Pimp My Urp 

The gameplay itself is already pretty fun, but Crazy Tooth Studios upped the ante by adding a costume customization feature to Urp! in the form of an in-game store. Bought items not only pimp out your Urp’s appearance but also augment your abilities:

  • Hats unlock the double jump mechanic and expensive hats allow your double jump even higher.
  • Eyewear boosts the amount of coins you earn by a flat multiplier
  • Body outfits increase your speed.
  • Footwear boosts the height of your jump.

Earning coins by playing levels can take a while, especially if you are saving for big-ticket items. After only earning 30 to 50 coins per level, grinding to those 1000+ coin purchases can seem pretty daunting. If the sheer price of these items is too steep of a time commitment, you can always drop a few dollars to buy in-game currency. About $5 will be enough to unlock all of the most valuable augments, but more money will give you more outfit options and net you the more unique costumes.

The store page.

The game, Crazy Tooth devs said in an exclusive interview, is designed to be beatable without spending a cent more than the buying price of the app. But the upgrades do make the game much easier and I found myself able to complete levels much faster once I was able to run faster and jump higher. If you are a completionist and want to get all 50 achievements, you’ll find yourself dropping some cash to unlock certain store-related achievements (e.g. “Spend $n”). 

Even with all the upgrades, this is still a puzzle platformer. You’ll still have to time your jumps and solve the puzzles for yourself. At the most, upgrades will just allow you to complete levels faster, but you can’t buy your way to victory.

Verdict: Go Urp Yourself

If you are looking for a great game to kill some time and enjoy platformers, Urp! is the game for you. The art direction is cute and charming, the colors pop, and levels rarely take more than three minutes each. Urp! has 67 total levels (60 main and 7 bonus) and there is definitely room for level pack expansions.

Urp! does some great things and the gameplay is fun, but I question its lasting appeal. Once I got my Urp fully costumed, there just doesn’t seem like there is much left to do. Unlocking so many high tier costume augments really exhausted what the game had to offer. But, at the end of the day, I enjoyed my experience with Urp! and I definitely felt like I got my money’s worth of entertainment.

Urp! is $1.99 in the iOS app store and will be coming to Android soon.

Tip screen displays a new mechanic.

Urp! Arrives on Mobile With Addictive Puzzle Platforming
Urp to the right. Urp to the left. Take it back now ya'll, one hop this time.

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