Warface: The Future of Free-to-Play Games?

A first hand review of a new F2P FPS showcased at PAX East
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At PAX East, I hopped on over to the Logitech booth. There, they were showing off their new headsets, keyboards and mice. The game on display was Warface, a still-in-beta free to play FPS. At first glance, Warface looks like a copy of Blacklight, another F2P FPS game. But, in action, it’s a thrilling, well-made, twitch shooter. The main thing that drew me in to the dive of Warface, was its focus on teamwork.

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A lot of the time in online shooters, you find those “I banged your mom” lone wolfs on teams. In Warface, you can still go solo, but its more beneficial to play with a partner. There are climbable terrains in Warface’s maps that any player can just climb up, but some can only be climbed if you have a teammate. A daunting ten foot tall wall can be traversed over if you have a partner. These walls are marked by a symbol that glows on the wall. When you have your teammate, you can run over to the wall and knell down, your partner will then do a jump off your shoulder to climb over the wall then pull you up. Such interactivity draws a new line for teamwork and interaction in a game.

The only game mode shown so far is a basic team deathmatch style. Between any respawns, you can switch between the games four classes: the assault, engineer, support, and sniper classes. 

Outside of games, there is a vendor system. In game you earn exp and in-game currency that can be used on new weapons, attachments, weapon camos, and character models/accessories. There is also a game of luck vendor metagame that you can spend credits in to win anything from ammo boxes to new weapons.

Of course like any free-to-play game there are micro-transactions to quicken the unlock pace, but how else is a F2P game supposed to make money? Usually these real money credits are supposed to be better because in game credits take too long, but surprisingly, there is an even consistency of earn-credit spend-credit in Warface.

In short, Warface has groundbreaking interactivity that the free -to-play market has yet to see. The ingame money is consistent and even.


Also, its freaking beautiful.

Check out Warface! It’s in its beta stages now, but will be hitting the market soon.

Warface: The Future of Free-to-Play Games?
A first hand review of a new F2P FPS showcased at PAX East

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