New Fire Emblem for 3DS Coming in 2016

The new Fire Emblem for 3ds is set for 2016 release. And it's bringing with it some new ideas.

The new Fire Emblem is looking at a 2016 release date exclusively for Nintendo's handheld, the 3DS. 

This will be the first Fire Emblem game that includes you, the main character, making the major decisions that affect the story. This is a departure from Fire Emblem Awakening where your character plays a supporting role in the story. This is a welcome change in my opinion.

The story revolves around 2 factions, the Hoshido clan and the Nohr clan. It's a typical trope-y setting where one faction strives for peace, and the other for war. What is interesting is that you have ties with both being Hoshido-born and Nohr-raised. Choosing 1 of the 2 factions in the game will be a tough decision. Inevitably, this design choice will probably lead to better replayability, which is a plus. 

The developers have noted that the Nohr campaign will be harder than the Hoshido. Whereas the Nohr campaign sets you in charge of leading a rebellion from the inside, the Hoshido campaign is designed like a more traditional Fire Emblem story. Nohr mode is recommended for Fire Emblem veterans who are familiar with the mechanics. 


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Published Apr. 6th 2015

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