Get an Xbox One or PS4 for $300 through Amazon's Black Friday event

Amazon has announced their Black Friday event, and it's glorious.

As the holiday season approaches, online retailers are scrambling to offer consumers the biggest deals of the year. For many companies, Black Friday is now considered to be the biggest sale day of the year, as opposed to Boxing Day in the past.

Leading online retailer Amazon has announced its Black Friday event, which includes massive discounts on some of the biggest products in the video game industry.

Amazon has announced that both the Nathan Drake PS4 Bundle and the standard Xbox One console will be available for $300; that's a $50 drop from it's regular $350 price tag.

Currently, Amazon's Black Friday page includes very little information, as the promotion does not begin for another couple days. But Amazon has also revealed that several games and hardware items will be included in the week-long promotion, including up to 70% off hundreds of digital PC titles.

In true Amazon fashion, the promotions will appear periodically throughout the week at seemingly random times, so the savvy buyers will have to keep their eyes peeled as new deals are announced.

Amazon's Black Friday promotion starts November 20 and will run through November 27. Check back to GameSkinny periodically, as we'll keep you updated on the promotion as it runs through the end of the month.


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Published Nov. 19th 2015

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