New Pokémon, including mysterious pup, revealed

Remember that dog spotted in the first trailer? It's actually a Rock-type Pokémon! A koala-inspired Pokémon and more details on Zygarde have been revealed, too.

Eagle-eyed Pokémon fans caught a quick glimpse of what appeared to be a dog Pokémon in the first Sun and Moon trailer, and thanks to CoroCoro scans courtesy of Serebii, we know now that's the case. Believe it or not, that's actually a Rock-type you're looking at there, and its Japanese name is Iwanko. This Puppy Pokémon can come equipped with either the Keen Eye or Vital Spirit ability.

Meanwhile, koala fans will be excited to learn that the lazy critter will finally get a Pokémon of its own. Dubbed Nekkola, it's a Normal-type with the ability Definite Sleep, which prevents any other status effect other than, you guessed it, sleep.

In semi-related news, remember the Zygarde formes shown off last fall? A new trailer showed them off at the Taiwan National Championships, and they've been confirmed to appear in Sun and Moon. As seen in the trailer below, Zygarde's 10% forme (the dog-like one) will turn into the 100% forme when afflicted with low health. It's currently unknown how big a role the X/Y legendary will play in the game.

Are you excited for these new Pokemon and Zygarde's formes? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Source: CoroCoro

Published Jun. 11th 2016

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