Top 8 EverQuest Next Creations

Here's a top 8 list of some of the best player made creations in EverQuest Next I could find.

As the next installment of the EverQuest franchise, players who have received the chance to get into the closed beta have already started putting their creative imaginations to the test in EverQuest Next. Here's a top-8 list of some of the best player-made creations I could find.

8: Rockface Tower 

by Belgarion

Don't let its small frontal appearance deceive you, the entire mountain behind Belgarion's structure was handmade. Inside the massive rock lies some mysterious, darker secrets as well.

7: Carpenter's Mansion

by Nedlea

With its fully fleshed out interior, Carpenter's Mansion makes for a rather large and comfy piece of work. In addition to being a vacation resort, Carpenter's Mansion also comfily sits on the hillside for a great scene from the viewing area off to the left.

6: Solari Monastery

by Baranth Savani

Baranth did a fantastic job on creating this coastal monastery. This great piece of work sits at the corner of a piece of land in EverQuest Next, giving it a fantastic view out and into the ocean.

5: Magus Spire

by Vesper Palace

No world is complete without a massive spire as an homage to magic, and that's exactly what Vesper Palace's Magus Spire brings to EverQuest Next.

4: Lallybroch

by Moonlight

At first glance it might not look like much, but Lallybroch is an entire city within itself. Lallybroch comes complete with a tavern, workyard, stables, and even its own castle to boot. To top it off, the night time lights turn Lallybroch into one gorgeous piece of eyecandy.

3: Dragon's Landing

by Lady Kathleen

As if the giant town with its own gargoyles everywhere wasn't enough, Dragon's Landing has its own flying dragon statue on the side of a massive mountain which really adds to the image of a landing area for flying vehicles or creatures. It probably doesn't sit well with the inhabitants to wake up to a massive flying statue of a dragon in the morning, though.

2: Dustrock Sanctuary

by Osmotar

Dustrock Sanctuary not only relies on pure architecture to pull off its good looks, but also on the nature and foliage inside and around it as well. Coupled with the great architecture design makes Dustrock Sanctuary a truly great creation.

1: Castle Anthrax

by Hardpu Serenity Abyss

This looks like something that would've been an official asset to the game from the developers themselves. However, this is just as player-made as the last seven entries. Castle Anthrax is an enormous creation that combines the old mossy look with gorgeous architecture to pull off something that is really a sight to behold. Two giant spires in the front link to the center building with its gate guarded by two massive skulls embedded into the architecture.


Published Jun. 18th 2020

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