10 Awesome Minecraft 1.10.2 Seeds for Builders and Explorers

10 beautiful seeds compatible with Minecraft's newest PC version

For those of you frustrated with constantly losing your favorite seeds with every other Minecraft update, I've got you covered! If you're brand new to Minecraft seeds, a seed is a string or letters and/or numbers that you can input in a field when you're creating a new world. Each string will generate a unique map, and the seed is basically just an identifier for you to share with your friends if you find a randomly-generated map that you think is really cool!

Every so often—usually during major releases—Minecraft seeds will completely change. This often occurs when Minecraft launches something like a new biome, for example. Below is a list of 10 of the most beautiful and unique seeds I've played through under Minecraft's newest 1.10.2 version.

Seed with multiple village types near each other

Minecraft seed where savannah and plains meet

Seed: 3154784994756938866
Coordinates: 333, 76, 184

This seed spawns you between vibrant colors, with a savannah to your right and a desert to your left. Heading southwest along the line where these two biomes meet brings you to the plains.

At 130, 67, 680, you'll find a village that includes a blacksmith chest. The loot is pretty underwhelming, with just an iron helmet, some iron ingots, and two loaves of bread. However, there's a mineshaft near the well in the middle of this village. It's filled with ores and minecart chests as you go deeper.

Seed with large island and smaller ones surrounding

The largest island in this seed

Seed: Dragon Roost
Coordinates: 315, 64, -783

Survivalists will love this one, and Legend of Zelda fans will notice the seed name paying tribute! You spawn on a large island filled with enough cows to keep you fed for a while. There are a chickens, too. While there are no other goodies on this island and it appears to be pretty desolate, there are multiple small islands surrounding it.

Heading southwest to 126, 78, -464 is an example of a larger outer island. All of them follow the same biome design of the original island: a desert border capped by a grassy inland area.

Seed with multiple biomes and long river running throughout it

The river runs all through this Minecraft seed

Seed: 2937700267118381509
Coordinates: 232, 71, -157

This is an amazing seed for you adventurers out there. My favorite part about this seed is the winding river that flows through it, separating biomes and leading to plenty of different villages.

Near -243, 64, -262, you can find a beautiful village with water running through it, and at these exact coordinates is a blacksmith chest! Inside are two diamonds, six apples, a loaf of bread, and an iron helmet.

Seed with spawn in village and multiple huge forests

Lazy players will love spawning right in the middle of this village

Seed: 289755719099773
Coordinates: 241, 69, 104

You get put right into the middle of the action with this seed. At 244, 68, 110, you'll find a blacksmith chest with three gold ingots, two iron swords, an iron helmet, iron boots, and an apple.

Surrounding you outside, especially to the south, is a huge forested area. Continuing further south will lead you to some extreme hills with a massive roofed forest behind it. If you're looking for trees, this is your seed!

Seed with cozy island village and tons of resources

This Minecraft island village has massive amounts of resources

Seed: 886644888869517425
Coordinates: 207, 71, 246

This is one of my all-time favorite seeds because it's got everything: a village spawn, a naturally-generated dock, a spider spawner, a forest area, almost all basic animals, and more.

It's one of the best seeds for hard workers who want to take the resources of the land and flesh it out into a full city. You won't get bored with this one!

Seed with hills, ravines, and arches

Extreme hills in Minecraft

Seed: -432726869950818
Coordinates: -218, 76, 177

Natural arches are one of the coolest things to come from randomly-generated worlds, and the one you'll find in this seed near -434, 74, 354 is one of the nicest I've ever come across.

This seed is complete with huge, snowy and grassy hills that run through an extended river system. Animals are all around these hills, so you won't find yourself starving. At -348, 66, 181, there's a small house with a crafting bench.

Seed with island spawn and forested hills surrounding

Seed: Midgar
Coordinates: 193, 64, 122

Almost like Midgar from Final Fantasy VII, you escape this island to find a huge and expansive environment around you. To the north, there are visible cave openings at the base of the hill which lead only to some coal ore and Creepers.

I spent a long time exploring and there was no civilization in sight. This is a great seed if you're looking to try and survive off of the land around you. Good luck!

Seed with spawn near a taiga village

Taiga village in Minecraft

Seed: 5069629424143458635
Coordinates: -190, 71, 232

Dropped in the middle of nowhere is this beautiful little village. At -166, 64, 198, you'll find a blacksmith chest with an iron helmet, iron chestplate, and three loaves of bread.

West of the village are some of the strangest hills I've seen, with one narrowly extending up high into the sky to hold up a single tree. This is a really cool seed if you're interested in putting in hard work to landscape around an existing city and help build it out more.

Seed with multiple islands and underwater temples

Small islands in Minecraft

Seed: 3363596656857294341
Coordinates: 71, 78, 55

This seed spawns you on a small island with several others nearby. Directly southeast is a large ocean monument. There are actually ocean monuments nearby to just about every sizable island in this seed.

Continuing east to 231, 54, 161 is yet another underwater temple. Have fun exploring these!

Seed with large mesas and exposed mineshafts

Mesa biome in Minecraft

Seed: -6124344959755810533
Coordinates: -143, 72, 215

The mesa biome is a beautiful thing, and you'll find them all over this seed.

Another perk is the amount of open mineshafts you can find by just taking a quick run through the area around where you spawn. For example, there's one near the horses found at 208, 77, 414. Along the southwest wall from that same area, you can continue to -173, 68, 572 to find a huge ravine.

There you have it! I tried to include a large variety of world types and biomes in this list, and I really think you'll enjoy the ones that I came up with. Let me know what you think of these seeds in the comments below, and feel free to share your own if you have any that are working on Minecraft's latest version. 

If you happen to have not yet made the upgrade to Minecraft 1.10.2 on PC, check out this list of Minecraft seeds for version 1.9, published in February.

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