Battlefield 5 Rotterdam Gameplay Emerges From PAX West 2018

We get our first glimpse at Battlefield 5's frenetic multiplayer gameplay, running on Nvidia's new flaghsip RTX 2080ti GPU.

Those eager to see how Battlefield 5 actually plays on Nvidia's new flagship RTX 2080ti GPUs got plenty to choose from today as a flurry of gameplay footage emerged from PAX West. In the video above, Nvidia shares a montage of multiplayer gameplay captures from PC Master Race's LATAM and JAGS

The gameplay focuses on a Conquest match in Rotterdam, a map previously shown in trailers, such as EA's official Gamescom trailer. There's a lot here that Battlefield veterans will recognize, from how the match is set up to how scores are recorded and how the minimap is positioned. However, you can also see some of the improvements EA's made to the core Battlefield experience, such as refined soldier movement and the increasing-importance of squad play. 

However, one of the primary draws of this specific video is that it showcases how the game will run on Nvidia's new graphics cards -- and how ray tracing might impact gameplay. Without getting our hands on it ourselves, it's currently hard to say whether ray tracing will in fact impact moment to moment interactions.

Based on the gameplay video, however, you can tell that the improved lighting effects do add some depth to the overall experience. For example, with shadows realistically casting themselves over guns, you'll theoretically be able to catch enemies flanking you -- or see muzzle fire on your periphery.  

There are other, longer videos that showcase even more of Battlefield 5's gameplay, such as one taken by PC Gamer while at PAX West 2018. You can view that here to get an even more in-depth look at what the game has to offer ahead of its impending open beta. 

If you're interested in taking part in the beta, here's what you need to know: 

  • Battlefield 5's open beta begins September 4 for pre-orders and those who subscribe to EA/Origin Access

  • The open beta begins for everyone else on September 6 

  • Conquest will be featured on Rotterdam

  • Conquest and Grand Operations will be featured on Arctic Fjord

The open beta period will also feature Battlefield 5's Tides of War mode, "an evolving journey featuring a new narrative every few months." The mode allows you to customize your company — the soldiers that make up your multiplayer classes — as you experience certain aspects of World War II through various missions, narratives, and more. Participate during the beta, and you'll receive a special dog tag. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Battlefield 5 as it develops. 

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Published Aug. 29th 2018

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