Displate Reveals New Hearthstone Poster Collection

An exclusive, officially licensed collection of metallic Hearthstone posters is now available on Displate.

Do you love Hearthstone? Is your game room lacking that "special something"? Perhaps paper posters are getting on your nerves and not holding up to your standards?

Well then, you're in luck because Displate, the company behind the widely successful metal posters craze, has announced a partnership with Blizzard to create a new collection of Hearthstone-themed posters.

The first set of posters is available for purchase on Displate's official website. New additions to the collection will be announced soon.

Made of high-quality metal, these posters are easy to mount thanks to an integrated magnetic system. And although they're a bit on the pricey side, they last a very long time, so the investment is well worth it.

Shipping is available across the globe. Each poster currently costs $47.


Let us know if you're planning on picking one of these up and, as always, stay tuned right here on GameSkinny for all things Hearthstone.


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Published Jun. 11th 2018

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