New ArcheAge Update "Ascension" Released

ArcheAge Update 2.9: Ascension offers the chance to build nations and face new enemies.

Fantasy MMORPG ArcheAge has a new update! Update 2.9: Ascension is live with a promotional package that involves free packs for both current and returning players, as well as a number of rewards such as Homecoming Coins, a full set of Celestial Gear, and Legacy marketplace mounts. With the update, player guilds can now form nations to engage in battle with enemies and craft the new tier 7 of Obsidian gear. The trailer showcases a plethora of massive new bosses to face in battle, plus plenty of castle building and upgraded décor.

ArcheAge is also hosting the Path to Ascension competition; the first three player nations each formed in the North American and European regions will receive special rewards. First place wins an Enoan Galleon Design and 500 Lord Coins, second place receives only the Enoan Galleon Design, and third place gets only the 500 Lord Coins.

Check out the Ascension trailer below.



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Published Jun. 14th 2016

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