Everyone's favorite Spider-man comes to Marvel Puzzle Quest

A new 5-star Spider-man and another way to get 5-star cards was added to Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is getting a new 5-star hero: black suit Spider-man. That is right. The same Peter Parker that appears in Spider-man 3 is coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest

Amidst the addition of Miles Morales and Eddie Brock to the roster, Marvel decided they could not have too much of a good thing. Spider-man (Back in Black), the more aggressive and intimidating of the Spideys, is making his debut with style.

With dance moves like these, it makes sense that Spider-man (Back in Black) would be at the highest star level. 

Spider-man (Back in Black) will get a blue, purple, and green power. Automotive Artillery (green) has Spider-man lobbing a car and ignoring protect tiles to deal a huge amount of damage. 

Getting a new card in game is not the only new thing. Previously, 5-star cards only obtained Legendary tokens. Now there will be a new Legendary comic pack that will only include the newest 5-star cards. 


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Published Jan. 14th 2016
  • BlackTideTV
    Love the gif! Great article - simple and straight to the point. I really hope Black Suit Spidey makes an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
  • KrystaAnn
    First off, that gif is PERFECT. Best part of Spider-man 3 is that scene!
    Secondly, I love marvel puzzle quest but it's so hard to get any card that is higher than a 2 star. Do you know if it will be easier to get than other cards? Like should I even get my hopes up for getting back in black spidey?
  • KendraG
    You can only get 5-stars with legendary tokens which you have to get with command points. Sucks but yeah, thats the only way to get him.
  • KrystaAnn
    Do you know how to get legendary tokens? I have 1 and I need 25 to get one right??
  • KendraG
    You need 25 command points (that is a little blue counter with the star in the top of your screen) Once you get 25 you go to recruit tokens, find the Legendary token (features only 4 and 5-star cards) click on it. HOWEVER, if you really want Back in Black spidey you will have to wait until he comes out. There will be a new legendary token that will only be for the new high leveled cards, so wait until that comes out.
  • KrystaAnn
    I'm sorry, I meant how do you get command points?
  • KendraG
    Okay. So you can get them doing a few things. One of the easiest ways is getting them through the S.H.I.E.L.D. resupply. They show up randomly. The second way is through the Versus. If you get top 50 you get at least one. A third way is on events usually the highest difficulty battle will get you one. And I think the last way is to get it through the new Champion levels, some of the level rewards can give you them.

    Of course if you just get the max amount of points on a event you get a Legendary token right off the bat. So there is that.
  • KrystaAnn
    Thank you!!! I want to play now haha

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