New Black Desert Online Drieghan Expansion Announced

A new expansion for Black Desert Online has just been announced by developers Pearly Abyss and Kakao Games.

Fans of Black Desert Online, rejoice: a brand-new expansion is headed your way very soon. 

Titled Drieghan, the latest expansion to the popular MMO from Pearly Abyss and Kakao Games is set to release November 14. The trailer above shows players what they can expect in the expansion, most exciting of which is dragons. 

In the lore of BDO, Drieghan is home to the dwarves. And with dwarves typically come angry, fiery dragons. Players will have the opportunity to visit the mystical land for the very first time, as well as walk the streets of the dwarven capital, Duvencrune.

The expansion comes with several other new areas, over 300 new quests, new story content, and a new world boss named Garmoth, The Crimson Dragon. 

Currently, the expansion is not available for pre-order. However, you can expect it to arrive to the game's website shortly.

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Published Sep. 25th 2018

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