Tales of Berseria Demo Now Available

The demo for Bandai-Namco's upcoming jrpg now available on Steam and PSN.

Ahead of the full game release on January 4 (PS4) and January 27 (PC/Steam),  the demo version of the upcoming Bandai-Namco RPG Tales of Berseria has been made available on PSN and Steam for PC in both North America and Europe.

Game Features

  • Fight alongside 5 comrades and unravel their secrets and skills
  • Set out and explore the stunning, ever-changing landscapes of Midgand Kingdom 
  • Feed on the strength of your enemies and strike with this evolved battle system
  • Discover even more of the world with side-quests and fun mini-games 

Pre-orders for the game will receive a 15 minute skit. While on Steam, customers who pre-order for PC will have a 10% discount on either Tales of Zesteria or Tales of Symphonia.  PSN pre-orders will gain a Tales of Berseria theme and receive three soundtracks.  

While there will be very early game spoilers, it's a good opportunity to see what improvements and changes have been made to the combat system.

Will you be picking up the demo or just waiting for the full game release?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Published Jan. 10th 2017

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