Best Gaming Mice for Hardcore Gamers in 2017

Steel Series Rival 700

Price: $99.99
Buy it on: Amazon 

There are really only so many ways to innovate an input device like the mouse. However, the Rival 700 from SteelSeries found a way to solidly break through that wall, adding in some unexpected new features, like an onboard OLED display that streams in-game info directly to the mouse. This is also one of the only mice in the world with a haptic tactile feedback system that gives slight vibrations to notify you of in-game events or champion cooldowns.

Unfortunately, this mouse is a righty only. But other than that small little "hiccup", if you need something cutting edge to dominate in online gaming, it's well worth giving the Rival 700 a shot. 

Read our full review of the Rival 700 here

Published Nov. 8th 2017

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