Rift is now free-to-play!

No Trials. No Tricks. No traps. Rift is free-to-play!

As of today, Trion's hit MMO Rift is now free-to-play for everyone! "Everyone can download, log in, and play the entire game, free. New players have access to all game content – from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids – with no level restrictions."

A few cool features coming with the free-to-play revamp are: 

  • The Rift Store: Players will be able to purchase everything from costumes to armor, to mounts and XP boosters! The best part is the currency for the store can be earned in-game if you don't have the money to spend off-hand. 
  • Loyalty Rewards: Players who spend credits in the store or subscribe to the game as a Patron will earn reward points. The more the earn, the bigger the prize. 
  • REX: As I said above, players will be able to buy items from the store with in-game currency. This is all possible through REX, RIFT Exchange, which allows players to purchase, trade or sell, and consume their points. 

Be sure to check out the official F2P launch trailer below:

Published Jun. 12th 2013
  • Spyke_3447
    Rift, currently the undisputed king of the f2p model of mmo. Insanely underrated game and full of happy entertained folks who spend their time enjoying the game or laughing at the stupidity of the other mmo's cash shops or gating...

    only reason i'm not playing it is cos i'm waiting on the next set of souls which will make this game vastly better.
  • Sheepzilla
    I would wait a week before jumping into this game. Currently server queues are off the charts. It's prime time, they are all full, queue times are 2-3 hours.
  • McLain Anderson
    Yeah, I just I experienced this last night! It's crazy! I'm a subscriber and I had to wait 17 minutes just to get into my server... Thanks for the comment btw :)

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