Huge Steam Greenlight Sale Devouring Wallets This Weekend

Ready to spend some money? Ready to spend it HARD?

This weekend will either delight or destroy you, depending on just how into cheap games you are (and how much money you have).

A total of 50 games are on sale for up to 75% off this weekend in celebration of Greenlight's first year of service. If you have a weakness for affordable indie games, this may be the weekend to avoid the Steam store.

This comes just two days after 100 games were finally Greenlit via the system, and just one day after Gabe Newell announced Valve are working on removing all bottlenecks between developers and consumers. This sale may be delicious, but it is very likely next year's will be much larger than those time around.

I won't list out every game, but some notable ones being sold on the cheap this weekend are:

  • Darkfall Unholy Wars ($19.97)
  • Divekick ($7.49)
  • Miner Wars 2081 ($9.99)
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures ($13.49)
  • Rogue Legacy ($11.24)
  • La-Mulana ($5.10)
  • Gnomoria ($2.72)
  • Papers, Please ($7.99)
  • Towns ($5.10)

There are plenty more where those came from. Check out the sale page and see if there's anything you may be interested in. You may be surprised by the variety!

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Published Aug. 30th 2013

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