Shenmue 3's Third DLC Invites You on a Cruise Like No Other

Take a cruise with Ryo for a chance to win some exclusive outfits and take part in new missions.

Shenmue 3's third DLC pack is called Big Merry Cruise, and it launches March 17. Rather than being packed full of noisy people getting in your space all the time, the cruise in this kung-fu vengeance story is an escape for Ryo, offering some much-needed stress relief through mini-games, prizes, and more.

The news comes from a press release by Ys Net, courtesy of Gematsu. Big Merry Cruise is free for anyone who purchased the Complete DLC Collection, and it will unlock on launch day.

Everyone else yearning for more mini-games and a change of scenery can purchase Big Merry Cruise separately on the PlayStation Store or Epic Games Store. Like with the second DLC pack, you'll need to have arrived at Niaowu to access the new content.

Some of the prizes offered on Ryo's dream cruise include new outfits for the protagonist, earned through completing various missions. So it sounds like this is one of those working holidays after all...

Either way, it's a chance to get even more out of the game world we said was "beautifully-realized... with vibrant life and memorable characters."

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Published Mar. 9th 2020

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