First impressions of Dragon Age Inquistion: The Descent

A first look at Dragon Age Inquistion's newest DLC. Hopefully a review will follow ASAP.

After playing "The Descent" for 3 hours it is very obvious that this DLC is going for the gold. “The Descent” is a wild ride for your party of characters as they traverse the Deep Roads.

This DLC features a lot of fighting, so those who love the battle system of Dragon Age Inquisition will have plenty to enjoy. However, it is not exactly the perfect DLC.

The situation this time around is that a lot of mysterious earthquakes causing fissures and problems in the Deep Roads. This is hazardous for the dwarves of Thedas and since the Deep Roads is a prime source of Lyrium there are possible consequences for “surface dwellers” too. So far The Descent has shown that there is a lot of side questing and vast caves to explore.

After the first couple minutes in this new site you gain access to a mini-campsite where your Inquisitor gains access to exclusive expeditions, which unlock multiple rooms with some high-level treasure.

As of this article I haven’t completed the DLC, the reason: extreme difficulty spikes.

While traversing the Deep Roads you naturally encounter tons of Darkspawn. The level of the enemies matches the level of your party. This initially seems only a bit challenging but nothing to scoff at. It becomes a problem when your Inquisitor gets to two “Swarm areas,” where wave after wave of strong enemies keep swarming you.

These two points are immensely difficult and there are not enough points for replenishing healing potions to give you a fighting chance. The worst part is that if your team hasn’t defeated the specific targeted enemies, small weaker (but equally annoying) units will continue to re-spawn. After looking at other reviews of "The Descent," it seems that I am not the only one irritated with the extreme difficulty spikes.

A small view of the vast deeproads

Regardless of this major flaw, I am going to try to get my way through this DLC, probably by lowering the overall difficulty, and will do my best to get a review out as soon as possible.

Except for the unwelcome, drastic difficulty spikes "The Descent" has featured a good flow, gorgeous visuals and felt like a decent piece of DLC so far. Any comments, questions or concerns from fans of the Dragon Age series? Write them up and let me know what you think about “The Descent.”  


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Published Aug. 14th 2015

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