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The Stains Of Time (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Artist: Kit Walters and various.

"The Stains Of Time" is the theme of Monsoon, a Cyborg Ninja and member of the Winds of Destruction elite unit in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The song is full of heavy guitar licks and thrash metal passages, with an especially memorable chorus. Its lyrics suit Monsoon to a tee, referencing the power of the Monsoon rains, "pouring down" like "a flood of pain".

"The Stains Of Time" begins to play when protagonist Raiden takes Monsoon on in a frantic and violent boss battle, and escalates what was already an adrenaline-fuelled scenario to unbelievable heights.

The song also reflects Raiden's recent turn of personality in the most horrifically badass scene of the game. Giving in to the blood-lust he'd been suppressing for so long, Raiden's psychotic child soldier persona - Jack "The Ripper"- takes control, leading to the blood-soaked battle with Monsoon (who quickly comes to regret goading The Ripper out of Raiden).

In this context, the "flood of pain" and pouring rain in the song also conjure images of the gratuitous blood and agony dished out by both sides throughout the conflict, and it's all wrapped up in a hard-hitting song led by riotous vocals and techno beats.

Honestly, all boss battles should be accompanied by this sort of epicness!

There's a whole album of this stuff and it's all incredible. For more music of this style also check out:

Published Aug. 31st 2016

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