Waxing Lyrical: 10 Awesome Original Video Game Songs

Deadman's Gun (Red Dead Redemption)

Artist: Ashtar Command

Rockstar always nail their music selections, but Red Dead Redemption is in a league of its own, even when compared to the likes of GTA.

Although the game's soundtrack is made up mostly of classic western movie-style music (of which Ennio Morricone would be proud), a select few songs are included to bring extra intensity to powerful scenes and themes.

"Deadman's Gun" is a moving tribute to the game's protagonist, John Marston. It mirrors his journey throughout the game as he works to move on from a chequered history of past misdeeds and protect his family from outside forces.

Playing over the end credits, we've already seen the painfully cathartic finale to the main story; as Marston takes a heroic last stand against the government officials he's been betrayed by, giving his wife and son a chance to escape as he dies in a hail of bullets.

This makes the song all the more poignant. Like the narrative in "Deadman's Gun", John Marston died like he lived. Refusing to bow down and "take what they've got to give" or let them "take your will to live", he stood tall to the last, giving "all he can give" for his family, his "reason to fight" in the end.

While I can't be 100% certain that this song was written solely for the game, it doesn't seem to appear on any other album or EP by Ashtar Command, except for the RDR soundtrack. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned it counts!

Published Aug. 31st 2016

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