Live In Style With These 5 Incredible Minecraft House Tutorials (Part 2)

Minecraft - How to Build : Suburban House - Part 1

Keralis is no stranger to this series as he has frequented this list of incredible house designs multiple times.

Keralis began his YouTube career in 2011 and has since accumulated more than 1.7 million subscribers to his channel. Keralis focus' mainly on Minecraft where he has created hundreds of tutorial videos that describe in detail how to build in Minecraft.

In this series, Keralis creates a Suburban style house that is complete with an interior and exterior. The house features a kitchen, multiple bedrooms, an antic, an en-suite, outdoor area, pool, garage and a garden that fits the house perfectly.

The Suburban house is created over the span of 3 videos that total approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Published Sep. 11th 2016

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