Respawn is trying hard to make Titanfall 2 better than its predecessor

Respawn Entertainment announces a multiplayer technical test in an effort to create a more polished product.

Respawn Entertainment is committed to creating a more successful game after the quick decline of the original Titanfall. There was an announcement about a beta for Titanfall 2 earlier this week -- and the additional announcement of a Technical Test in the near future shows that they want to make Titanfall 2 as polished as possible for launch.

In the announcement for the Technical test, Jon “Slothy” Shiring talked about their new matchmaking system improvements, improved play with your friends, and new systems for running their dedicated servers. Additional modes, titans, mechanics, and a new progression system will be available for testing as well.

Respawn is looking to fix any issues that may arise with the multitude of new features, and improve any stutters before the game officially launches. Slothy invites all players to participate:

"We want the massive creativity that millions of players bring to the game - from trying out new moves with our mobile pilot gameplay, calculated Titan battles, weapon balancing, and awesome team tactics, we know that a mountain of players are going to find issues that we won't see otherwise until after the game is out."

There is not an official date for the Multiplayer Technical test, but with the launch of Titanfall 2 slated for December, it is possible that we can expect to see the test in the near future so that any issues can be fixed before launch.


Published Jun. 20th 2016

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