Confirmed: TSM's Xpecial Benched For Poor Attitude

Team Solomid's star support player, Xpecial, to be benched for foul conduct.

Streaming is a very valuable bridge between eSports players and their fans. While it is easier to communicate and connect with viewers, it's also easy to let announcements slip pre-reveal.

Over the weekend, Xpecial had streamed through the popular website, While playing his game of choice, League of Legends, fans began to notice that he was streaming much more frequently than usual, and also from his personal home rather than the Team Solomid gaming house. 

During the stream, Team Solomid's star support dropped a bomb on the League of Legend's eSports fanbase:

It's hard to believe that this bottom lane idol could have been benched as a substitute, especially after being chosen multiple times to represent North America on the "All Star" team. 

However, it seems that his performance is not the issue at hand. In fact, the reason he was taken off the starting line up actually seems to be for poor attitude:

This series of tweets from Counter Logic Gaming's--another rising North American team--Dexter also solidifies the motive behind benching Alex "Xpecial" Chu.

It goes to show that, no matter what the game, sportsmanship is always the most important aspect of a team.

Even though Xpecial is a revered League of Legends support player, if his attitude is bringing down the morale of a team, then he is doing much more harm than good. 

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Published Apr. 28th 2014
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    I really like that the rules of the game are actually being applied in this new arena. You're right, sportsmanship above all else - it should apply to everybody. It is interesting to see this news at the same time as hearing about the NBA team owner that was banned for life for racist remarks.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    funny thing is it was predicted by a random redditor 4 days prior to the annoucement (2days before Xpecial announced he was at home)

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