Star Citizen Introduces Its First FPS Attempt with Star Marine Module

Zero G FPS in Star Citizen Universe.

Star Citizen -- the highly anticipated, very controversial, and still unfinished MMO from Robert Space Industries -- just released its 2.6 Alpha version, which includes the new Star Marine module for backers to play.

Normally a new patch wouldn't be worth mentioning, as this game is infamous for its unusually long development process and the fact that patch after patch changes very little in Star Citizen each time.

But this time RSI -- alongside with usual non-significant changes in game mechanics, sound, universe and mechanics -- introduced an in-game, self-sufficient FPS module called Star Marine.

So what's the deal with Star Marine?

According to RSI, Star Marine is a first person combat simulator which will let game backers engage in FPS duels. There will be multiple game modes, and it seems that it also includes some sort of leaderboards. It sounds tempting for fans to try out, especially that the visual sensations in Alpha versions are rather stunning.

But for now, players have only 2 maps at their disposal -- OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven. There are also two different game modes. First is Elimination (which looks like Quake in terms of free-for-all gameplay). Then there is Last Stand mode, where players may team up and fight for domination of several control points.

As of now, fans seem hard-pressed to find anything original in the Star Marine module that differentiate it from any other FPS title like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Star Marine is available only to Star Citizen backers with game packages. Anybody who wants to see how this sci-fi FPS compares to others on the market will need to invest in the full Alpha version of the game -- that means buying the ship, with its own hangar and insurance. That'll run you about $42. 

Will you be trying out the new Star Citizen module? Already gotten in on the FPS action in Star Marine? Let us know down in the comments!


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Published Jan. 14th 2017

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