HyperX CloudX - Branded for Xbox One, Use it for Everything

This is the best ~$100 headset we've tested for the on-the-go gamer, and it is Xbox One branded to boot.

HyperX has an evolving lineup of headphones. The HyperX CloudX, while building on the HyperX Cloud lineup, fits into the product line in a way that is not immediately intuitive beyond the Xbox One branding. My first sense upon getting my HyperX CloudX headset was that it was just an Xbox licensed variant of the Cloud or Cloud II. The reality is a bit more subtle, but very compelling for on-the-go gamers.

To start, the CloudX is simply one of the best sounding and most comfortable headsets in the around $100.00 price range. This holds true for its relatives in the product line the Cloud II. The build quality is excellent, the padding is ample, and the interchangeable ear cups let you tune the fit a bit. I like the velour, but others swear by the leatherette. The microphone is good, the noise cancelling is a welcome addition from the Cloud, and the sound quality of the headset is quite good.

So, now let's talk about the subtle. With the items I've mentioned it is easy to say the CloudX is just a Cloud II with Xbox branding and no 7.1 surround sound, but there is more to it than that -- and the subtle differences makes this headset a great lifestyle fit for gamers. The CloudX comes with a hardshell case, a 4 pole connector (the single connector for sound and microphone) with a dual/split connector for your PC, an extension cable, and it has an in-line volume control.

The combination of these items makes the CloudX not only an excellent Xbox One headset, but an excellent headset for nearly any use -- especially portable use. The CloudX works well with your smartphone, your portable DS or Vita and your laptop computer that is either dual or single connector capable.

Yes, the combination doesn't have 7.1 USB, but what it has is portable awesomeness for the devices that most people actually have and that most people on the go actually use -- and most of which don't even have 7.1 sound anyway.

To prove it to myself, I've used the CloudX as my portable headset since its release and the results have made a believer out of me. The CloudX has actually become my "daily driver" headset. I use my laptop at times to play games, then I listen to music streamed from my phone. I've even taken a call using the headset with good results. Then I have late night sessions on the Xbox One while the kids are asleep, and I play my DS while flying, and all with the same headset.

I have simply never had another headset that transitioned so easily among all of those usages so competently while sounding and fitting so well. The icing is having all of the right connectors and lengths of cables, and a convenient carrying case. It's not just the combination of features, this headset is seriously at the top of the class in each of these aspects.

To sum it up, I recommend this headset without question because it is simply the best all-around headset I've ever found for the gamer lifestyle.

Note: HyperX provided a headset for this review. I will still be giving these as Christmas and birthday gifts because they are that good.

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This is the best ~$100 headset we've tested for the on-the-go gamer, and it is Xbox One branded to boot.

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Published Aug. 30th 2016

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