GameSkinny Console-Cast Episode #1: Gamescon 2013

In this first episode we talk about all things GamesCom and the PS4. Also say hello to some beautiful, new faces.

After a few technical hiccups (as per usual) and a very late start, we finally recorded, edited, and uploaded our first episode of the GameSkinny Console-Cast!

This week, meet  and welcome the newest members of the podcast team: Ian, Haroon, Ryan, and Leah. Be gentle, they are still in training. We also have Stephanie as host, GameSkinny Roundtable veteran Lui , and even Gary joining us as surprise guest!

What we talked about

This week we focused on PlayStation 4 news announced at GamesCom this week.

Who are we?

"We are the overflow bin."

The story of our formation is simple: GameSkinny has a lot of interns, and these interns love podcasting and talking about games. The only problem is there’s only so much the GameSkinny Roundtable can talk about during our hour-long recordings sessions. So the solution we came up with was to create a spin-off podcast with a focus on console gaming! We’re just a group of gamers who love our consoles and who have a lot to say about them and their games. We know that there are others out there that feel the same way because, after all, #obscuritysucks.

We record on Thursday nights, with the edited episodes posted on the following Saturday. Episode 1 was recorded on August 22, 2013 at 10 pm EST.

(This write-up was brought to you by Leah and Lui)

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Published Jun. 18th 2020
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    "Overflow Bin" >>>>> "Console-cast"
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