Super Hexagon Creator Releases Stylish Flappy Bird Tribute

Terry Cavanagh releases freeware title Maverick Bird, a Flappy Bird tribute game.

Terry Cavanagh, best known for the hyper-addictive and challenging Super Hexagon, has created a free Flappy Bird tribute game entitled Maverick Bird.

Maverick Bird is something like a Flappy Bird and Super Hexagon lovechild. The gameplay is pretty much what you’d expect from a Flappy Bird tribute, but featuring a pulsating and colorful aesthetic those familiar with Super Hexagon will immediately recognize, instead of the warp pipes and little bird. Cavanagh used the Super Hexagon code for the game as well, so the jagged and varied obstacles in the game shift with the spastic, electro soundtrack. The music in Maverick Bird is a track called “Vietnam” by Kozilek, and is part of the artist’s Pluto EP.

“Thanks for the inspiration, Dong,” Cavanagh wrote. “Looking forward to your next game when things settle down!”

Maverick Bird is Cavanaugh’s contribution to the Flappy Jam, a Flappy Bird-inspired game jam currently going on to show support for Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen. “Indie gamedevs are friendly and supportive, envy and teasing should not belong to our community, nor be a cause of suffering,” the Flappy Jam site states. The game jam asks developers to "make a hard, almost unplayable game” using “assets inspired (not ripped) from classics.”

Those interested in getting frustrated and repeatedly crashing into things can play Maverick Bird for free on Cavanagh’s site

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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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