Adventuring into Pokemon XY - Ridiculous Pokemon and Mega-Evolution

A look into Pokemon X (and Y), and how Mega-Evolution and new-generation Pokemon are done.

Making the decision to invest into Pokemon X had many weighted factors that irked me as a an old-timey Pokemon fan. One of these factors involved the copious amounts of Pokemon that have been added to the evolved Pokedex, and the thought of Mega-Evolutions. I'm quite happy to accept change, but I do love my old Pokemon Leaf Green.

Working Through the Ridiculous Pokemon

One of the most embarrassing parts of playing this new generation Pokemon game is what the Pokemon types and species have become. Some of them, I admit, are genius: like Zygarde and Amaura. They are unique in their design and powers and I find them to be very complimentary to this new Pokemon game.

On the other hand, the ridiculous Pokemon such as Klefki (a giant flying key-ring), and Honedge (a flying sword), make me a bit worried for the future of my beloved childhood past-time, Pokemon will become.

What is this Mega-Evolution thingy?

Another bit about Pokemon X (and Y) that gets me a little fidgety is Mega-Evolution. It's nice to have this for new Pokemon like Banette, but I never expected there to be one for the old-timey Mewtwo. But just for the record, Mega-Evolution is really cool! You would have never expected this from Pokemon, and I hope they continue to come up with these types of add-ons to their future games.

Keep on the lookout for more Pokemon X reviews, cause I'll surely be bringing them. Also, if you have any questions about the game, feel free to comment. Always here to help!

What did you think about Pokemon X and Y? Comment below with your opinion!

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A look into Pokemon X (and Y), and how Mega-Evolution and new-generation Pokemon are done.

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Published Jun. 9th 2020
  • Andrew_9620
    You know klefki is kind of awsome first of all but what about xerneas? He's not supposed to be a fairy type
  • Lawrence Moon
    I also noticed that some Pokemon types are quite redundant. One example is the fairy type. I have nothing against this type as it is effective against dragon type but we already have abstract types of Dark, Ghost and Psychic already in existence

    Pokemons with horrifying designs are no surprise but at least we got to see the original Pokemons.

    Anyway, Pokemon X & Y bring lots of memories of Gameboy days and for those who need a walkthrough, here's a good one:

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