Hyper Void now a PS4 exclusive; will feature Morpheus support

Hyper Void is a modern twist on the classic 2D space shooter, including VR support, a story, puzzles, and mazes.

Homam Bahnassi, co-creator and lead technical artist of Hyper Void, claims the game to be a 3D version of 2D retro space-shooter clones. He was influenced by games such as Gradius, Tempest, and Wing Commander. And for some reason, he's also a huge fan of calling those 2D clones “shmups.”

But it's not all talk. Hyper Void is a virtual reality (VR) experience that will come with Morpheus support, although there are no plans for 3D television compatibility. While the experience is capped at 60 FPS on TVs, with Morpheus it can run all the way up to 180 FPS. Talk about fast.

Even so, Morpheus compatibility alone is enough to turn some heads. Virtual reality is becoming a big deal. It was pushed hard at this year's E3, with competing hardware Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR all present.

 Maybe you remember their E3 Video.


Hyper Void also boasts that there is a story and strategy element to the game. You're not just “blindly” shooting stuff, but engaging in real missions with purpose, various enemies, and challenges such as racing and mazes. Hyper Void is designed to be a challenge, with features like Hyper Mode that up the difficulty. It also forces you to strategize when events such as interdimensional squashing via wormholes happens.

While previously promised to be available for Xbox One as part of the [email protected] program, Hyper Void is now set to release in PSN for PlayStation 4 as an exclusive. It's unlikely that Hyper Void will be released elsewhere, as their official website hasn't updated on the matter.

Hyper Void comes in the wake of Galak-Z, another space shooter set to release for PS4 and PC. So perhaps the arcade shooter is a market Sony is capitalizing on. There is still a good chance of a PC version, especially since there's already a fully-featured demo available. Try it out on the official website, or directly download here.

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Published Aug. 7th 2015

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