Subnautica Below Zero Seatruck Update Surfaces Alongside New Biomes, Fauna

The first major patch for Subnautica Below Zero brings several highly-anticipated changes to Unknown Worlds' early access survival game.

Subnautica Below Zero's first big update is here, and according to developer Unknown Worlds, the primary draw is the game's newest vehicle, the Seatruck. 

Built at the mobile vehicle bay, the Seatruck is "a modular underwater utility vehicle." Unlike prior vehicles in the series, players can construct multiple large-scale modules for the vehicle, which attach in sequence behind it.

In the current build, there are three separate Seatruck modules available: the storage module, the fabricator module, and the aquarium module. 

The storage module increases the Seatruck's storage space, while the fabricator module attaches a fabricator to the vehicle. The aquarium module, though, is particularly interesting because it acts similarly to the gravity trap: it passively attracts and captures fish as players travel along.

Although there are currently only three modules available for the Seatruck, the development team plans to add "several more" throughout development. There was no firm number on how many additional modules would be introduced or when in the development cycle that might be. 

The latest update also introduces two new biomes to Subnautica Below Zero: Deep Twisty Bridges and Thermal Spires.

Deep Twisty Bridges is "a dark, red accented region with depths exceeding 200 meters," making it one of the deepest finished areas in the game so far. Here, players will encounter aggressive flora and fauna, including a new Lovecraftian horror perfect for Below Zero, the squidshark

Thermals Spires is the other new region. Full of rockpunchers and bonesharks, "towering ocean stacks spew a dark substance into the water" throughout this dangerous region. Here, players can find Seatruck and Stasis Rifle fragments, as well as gold, lead, limestone, and silver outcroppings. 

Lastly, the update introduces the cheeky seamonkey, which, while friendly, will steal players' tools, including the Seaglide, if they are equipped when the seamonkey interacts with players. 

While the initial Early Access build of the Below Zero left us wanting more, it's clear the developer isn't resting on its laurels. The game's Favro board not only showcases the team's development timeline but some of the crazier ideas Unknown Worlds has for Below Zero

The Early Acces version of the game is currently available on Steam for $19.99. More information about the update and the developer's future plans for the game can be found on the Unknown Worlds website and Favro

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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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