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Junkrat by DragonDildoScrub

Okay, so the name isn't exactly the most favorable in the world, but Junkrat isn't exactly a savory type either so it fits! This cosplay done by DragonDildoScrub manages to get everything right from the flames on the tips of his hair - which are hopefully edited into the picture - to the small details on the grenade launcher. Even the cosplayer's body type matches the scrawny build of Overwatch's Australian Mad Max wannabe.

Sadly, this cosplayer couldn't pull off the pegleg that Junkrat has in-game. Maybe that's for the best though. Over-dedication to Overwatch cosplay is not recommended.

Published May. 25th 2016
  • JessicaKloss
    Awesome article! Those cosplayers are amazing!
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Right? It's amazing what some people can pull off with the right tools!

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