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Tracer by Tasha Cosplay

Tasha is one of the bigger names in this list when it comes to cosplay, being one of the more well-known names out there. When it comes to accurate cosplays she's one of the best in the business, and the same can be said for this Tracer cosplay. In fact, Tasha's cosplay of Tracer was so good that it showed up as one of the featured cosplays at the Heroes of the Storm Spring Championship!

While getting the details of the costume down is important, equally as important is the portrayal of the character in action, and Tasha manages to get this down too. The image on the right is similar to that of Tracer's recently revamped "Over the Shoulder" victory pose, and fully captures the playful spirit of the character.

It's always great to see cosplayers enjoying the characters they play, and it certainly looks like Tasha was able to play the part. For more of her work you can check out her Facebook page here.

Published May. 25th 2016
  • JessicaKloss
    Awesome article! Those cosplayers are amazing!
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Right? It's amazing what some people can pull off with the right tools!

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