Skullgirls DLC Character Update: Final Vote and Some Self-Entitled "Fans"

It's down to the final vote and some sore losers are threatening to withdraw their funds in this Skullgirls update.

There's been some good news and some bad news for Lab Zero Games and the Skullgirls' fanbase as a whole this last week. Let's start with the bad news:

Neither Beowulf nor Stanley made it in for the final round. I'm one sad voter. However, I'm still excited for the top four Skullgirls nonetheless. Unlike some people...

The Biggest D-Bags This Side of the Mason-Dixon

For those of you who didn't read Peter Batholow's posts on Neogaf this weekend, the gist of it is this: Paypal temporarily froze the fundraiser's account due to the fear of charge backs that some upset fans were making over their characters not making it into the final rounds.

That's right! Some fans are so horribly upset that their characters did not make it through the voting process that they're threatening to withdraw the funds they donated to the campaign. Tumblr poster Bad Idea's Bad Ideas did a good job ranting so I don't have to.

I will say one thing: I hope your 360s red ring, your PS3s yellow light, and your computers have Origin installed on them.

The Final Countdown

Despite the aforementioned speed bump that is mostly resolved, the voting continues. It is now the final round with each donator getting only one vote to place on one of the four characters.

If you haven't checked your e-mail since the final vote for the new Skullgirls began, the final four are Aeon, Annie, Eliza, and Minette.

I originally thought I'd end up voting for Minette if this situation should arise, but I ended up finding myself going for Eliza due to her playstyle being similar to my BlazBlue main Litchi.

As cool as Aeon's concept of controlling time seems, I am scared of her making it into the game due to the Mike Z's special note regarding her possible use of GGPO savestates. Sounds like she could easily end up being overpowered.

If you contributed to the Skullgirls campaign, who are you spending your last vote on and why? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Published Apr. 23rd 2013
  • EdibleKnife
    They knew it was a VOTE and that you weren't donating to instantly add your character to the roster, right? Some people just need to get over themselves. This was childish to the nth degree.

    Anyway, I'm bummed neither Scythana, Roxie nor Beowulf made it into the last round but I went ahead and voted for Minette.

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