Blade & Soul Founder's Packs are available, CBT this fall

If you want a guarantee into Blade & Soul's betas, a Founder's Pack is the way to go.

I am super hyped for Blade & Soul to finally be getting an English release, and if you like action MMORPGs, you should be too. This wuxia themepark is the closest thing yet to an actual fast-paced combat system we've gotten in an MMO yet.

Blade & Soul Founder's Packs are now available for purchase, should you want to guarantee your chances of getting into the game's Closed Betas and getting some exclusive cosmetics and titles, and among other goodies.

The first option, the Initiate Pack, sits at a cool $24.99 and grants access to all Closed Beta phases, three days of headstart at launch, and two exclusive character titles. This is the best option if you're on a budget or are comfortable with only having two character slots.

The second option, the Disciple Pack, offers the benefits of the Initiate Pack, but an additional title, 30 days of Premium, a character reservation slot, two extra character slots, and some NCoins to use in the cash shop. This one is a step up: it costs $74.99. I will say character slots are definitely a must have, but $74.99 for a Founder's Pack just for the slots and Premium is a little steep.

The last pack, expectedly, is the most expensive: the Master Pack. This sits at a pricey $124.99 -- but the benefits are worth it if you've played the game in other regions and know you're going to be needing those five extra character slots, the Booster Pack, the NCoins, and the 90 days of Premium. The special cosmetics are pretty nice, too.

The Founder's Pack FAQ explains a little more about the game's Founder's Pack systems, but doesn't clarify more on the Premium Membership. We'll find out more about that as we get closer to beta and launch.

Blade & Soul is set to enter Closed Beta sometime this fall, with a launch in early 2016. Better late than never, right?

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Published Aug. 19th 2015
  • GabrielKross
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    I got my founder's pack the day they launched XD

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